The future of content for your Buyers.

Why use outmoded PDFs for your eBooks, Case Studies, White Papers, Infographics, etc. – when for about the same cost you can have fully-responsive digital versions like this that dynamically customize to each and every Buyer? This SmartDoc not only personalizes the copy to you, but it also automatically serves up completely different versions of the content based on things like industry vertical, ABM buying roles, etc. Why is this important?

Most B2B Buyers now use digital content to do virtually all their pre-purchase research. They don’t want to speak to a sales rep. Instead they want that one-on-one sales conversation to happen in hyper-personalized smart content just like this. But if you’re working with a typical CMS platform for such content you know how expensive and limiting it can be.

On the other hand there’s WordPress; the most extensible and widely used content creation platform on the planet. Its free, open-source model means a never-ending evolution of tools for next-gen content experiences for every channel, device, and platform. It’s also the undisputed hub for global talent including millions of designers and developers who use it every day. So we set out to help businesses across the globe harness this incredible power.

You are looking at SplashMaker – The World’s First AI Content Engine for WordPress. It can be used right out of the box with this +SmartDoc Theme for no-code smart content experiences. But you can also leverage its powerful integrations to solve the bigger challenges most businesses face in meeting sales and ROI objectives. For example…

What primary challenge does face? And how does that challenge area compare to others? Make a selection in the interactive graph to see, then scroll down for more…

Where does fall?

Make a selection… Strategy/Execution Not Linked Poor Organizational Alignment Poor Team Communication/Collaboration Ineffective Use of Marketing Technology Staff Lack Necessary Skills

Gartner 2020 Marketing Operations Survey

Scale 1:1 sales conversations.

So as the for an innovative company like how could you not want your Buyers to be part of this exciting future? 

Our affordable +SmartDoc Theme comes with two ready-made content templates along with the SplashMaker plugin to power it all. You can easily edit this template content (no coding required) to dynamically provide multiple Buyer-specific versions of the asset from this single package. The templates are even pre-formatted for printing and/or saving to a fully-personalized PDF (see link at the bottom). Alternatively, your WordPress team can quickly build on these templates with our RippleWidget add-ons, other WordPress plugins, and/or custom coding for much more sophisticated, personalized content experiences. The possibilities are limitless!

But, as you can see by the common challenges above, a great content experience like this SmartDoc isn’t the only ingredient necessary to increase your sales and ROI. You and your teams need clear, collaborative strategy as to how assets like these align with your RevOps initiatives and pipeline, as well as the means to easily integrate all of it into your existing Martech stack.

That’s why we built SplashMaker to integrate with our Splashmetrics RevOps Intelligence Platform, as well as other powerful platforms such as HubSpot, Marketo, Pardot, Salesforce, etc.

This way can solve every one of these challenges to easily scale the power of smart content across every Buyer Journey.

Leverage E2E RevOps collaboration.

As great as this SmartDoc is, there remain critical questions to answer in order for you and your teams to execute this kind of continually customized content experience at scale across an end-to-end Buyer Journey.

For example, in what pipeline stage should this particular asset sit? Who exactly are your Buyers (roles/personas) and what data do you need from their interactions in this asset to further qualify and nurture them? Where do you send each Buyer next via the CTA links to continue the sales conversation? And how do your teams know how to integrate this asset (and others) with your MA/CRM/CMS/CX platforms and sales flows?

By integrating SplashMaker with the automated strategic planning and analytics in Splashmetrics, you’ll ensure that all GTM stakeholders across are collaboratively aligned prior to executing each RevOps initiative. And with clear, AI-driven direction from this plan they can consistently deliver and measure the automated sales development today’s Buyers demand.

After all, more informed Buyers making more purchase decisions is exactly what drives revenue and ROI. And isn’t that the focus of every like you?

The must…

Strategically Direct

marketing, sales, and content teams in their efforts.

Fully Align

GTM teams around Buyer-centric objectives, quotas, and analytics.

Continually Collaborate

as your teams execute and integrate these content experiences across the Buyer Journey.

Prove ROI

via clear, CRO-level metrics and attribution.

Select the arrows to stop the animation and step through the frames.

Integrate it all with your existing stack.

You can see how it’s all coming together now, but there is one more critical step to finally and fully bridge that sales and marketing divide still hurting ‘s bottom line. Think about it this way, the sales conversation with your Buyers is now happening here – in the content. The question is, are you participating?

Content assets like these are typically static and/or independent of a business’ critical MA/CRM/CX platforms. So the answer to this question is usually, no. In other words, most businesses have a blind spot in the worst possible part of the journey.

By directly integrating SplashMaker with leading platforms like HubSpot…that sales conversation with your Buyers becomes 2-way. And that divide is bridged.

For example, SplashMaker allows you to automatically map and populate custom fields in your CRM with Buyer interaction data from within the content (like the interactive chart above). This invaluable, qualitative data directly from the Buyer, can then be used to drive sales alerts and trigger automated sequences, workflows, and playbooks.

SplashMaker also auto-generates a “SmartLink” URL that can be used within your CRM for CTA buttons and text links in emails, landing pages, etc. As you’re experiencing now, this SmartLink brings known contacts directly to the SplashMaker content with full customization – without them ever having to deal with forms or cookies. It’s perfect for ABM!

Scale ‘s revenue.

So, you can use our SmartDoc theme as-is, or integrate it with our full RevOps product suite to give today’s B2B Buyers the automated, self-serve sales journeys they demand. Have a look at this interactive video for more…

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